Playa Soledad and Bahia La Aguacate

Playa Soledad, the beach of loneliness in English, is the first very nice beach coming from Trigana heading towards Capurgana, just after Acandi, we really feel alone in the world. In 2009, “Survivor” was filmed there. Crystalline and shallow waters, filled with corals, this is an excellent spot for snorkelling where we can observe a multitude of coloured fish, rays, and even green turtles if we are lucky. White sand beach with mangrove all around, there is electricity, a shining new eco-lodge, a small bar/restaurant, and even 3G on mobile network, so despite its isolation it no longer is a place to feel alone in the world.

We can get there by boat from Trigana, Acandi or Capurgana, but also on foot from Capurgana via a nice 4hrs walk, through Bahia La Aguacate. A nice plan would be to get there by boat in the morning from Capurgana, have lunch there, and then walk back, with a little snorkelling/swimming stopover in La Aguacate.

Let’s talk about Bahia La Aguacate, “bay of avocado” in English, it is a good spot to get out of Capurgana if you get there a weekend or time of affluence without knowing… 10min by boat and 1h15 on foot from Capurgana. In this little bay with emerald waters you can also go snorkelling because, like Playa Soledad, there are lots of corals and wildlife living off it. There are also several accommodations and restaurants with all commodities.

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