Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2004 3.4L, unleaded and gas

That’s the car we mainly use as it can carry 8 people in total, it is solid, and 4WD. We can always take the shortest track, or cross rivers sometimes if bridges are broken or else (to avoid massive detours). It is a must have if you want to climb up to Los Nevados park in the Potosi area, because tracks are so muddy. Moreover, from an environmental and economical point of view, we prefer to use the gas to run our engine. Petrol stations selling gas are only found in big cities. There is a rule limiting which vehicles are allowed to drive in the city (based on your licence plate), this rule called “pico y placa” has been put in place to reduce pollution and traffic in cities. But with this car, we are allowed to drive through cities. We have a big roof rack (2m*1.1m) that allows us to take more bags and luggage with us. Keep in mind this is a 4WD, so not the comfiest car ever, but we try not to drive more than 5hrs a day. It has air-conditioning, but we try not to use it too much…for the environment. It is about 190 horse power when running on petrol, and +/- 160 horse power when on gas, so it is easy to overtake other vehicles in the mountainous regions.

This vehicle, also belonging to the company, which has a national tourism register, authorizes us to transport tourists according to the decret 174 article 29 del codigo contensioso administrativo, even if it isn’t in white plate of public transport, moreover during these movements you are covered by the liability insurance of our travel agency company in case of problems.

Toyota Prado
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