San Luis and Canyon del Rio Claro

It is a 3hrs drive from Medellin along the “highway” Medellin-Bogota; or accessible from San Carlos on a track in about 1h30. San Luis is very close to San Rafael and San Carlos in term of water and nature; there are numerous waterfalls, crystal clear natural pools. You can abseil down waterfall or go rafting in white waters of Rio Verde or Rio Samana. Rafting trips take days and have to be organized well in advance. But it is thrilling, you are surrounded by a luxurious nature, you camp by the river in the middle of the jungle…for an “occidental” price we have to point out. Kayak lovers (only for advanced) can do the same. As far as rafting is concerned, you don’t need to know about it, you will be briefed on the spot…but it is a good thing if you know you like rafting before embarking on a several days rafting trip…once in the middle of the jungle, it would be too late to discover it’s not for you.

Rio Claro canyon is splendid, alternating rocks and jungle. The water is warm and clear. From the natural reserve created there, you can go rafting, rather soft, no white waters, it can evolve during wet season, but they won’t let you go if there is too much current. You are at liberty to enjoy the beauty of this canyon for a cheap price. In the reserve, you can also visit a cave, occupied by “guacharos”, nocturnal birds not to confuse with bats, even if they cohabit together. You can also go tree-climbing, a parcour going over the river several times.
Once again, if you don’t like those activities, you can just go for a swim or sunbath on the marble sand….disconnect while watching the ouistitis and toucans around. For kayak lovers, you can go down the more agitated part of Rio Claro, via an American company based locally, but it is only for advanced kayakers. We also want to point out that 20min away from the natural reserve, is Hacienda Napoles, which was Pablo Escobar’s main residence, and most of its cartel, with several aerodromes, a private zoo (whom hippos are the only hippo family in the world to live and reproduce in a natural environment)…there used to be over a hundred people living there. Today, it is an aquatic park and zoo where you can go on safaris. There is no trace of Pablo left…even his villa that was used as a museum (to show the destruction spread by cartel in their glorious years) has recently been destroyed.

Altitudes 1000m and 350m

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