Our Travel Agency in Colombia: A&A Ecoturismo SAS

Our travel agency identity is to offer only “custom-made trips” for groups of people (from 2, up to 7), with no more than 3 hours drive in between stops, and solely in those 3 regions (Caldas / Risaralda / Quindio, Antioquia et Choco), adapting to the customers wishes. We give priority to environmentally friendly and responsible tourism, non-polluting activities managed by local stakeholders and accomodations close to nature when possible…

In order to offer quality excursions, we firstly need to get to know our future customers. Even if it is a bit tedious, we ask our customers to answer a questionnaire to identify their needs and expectations, and offer them a plan fitting for all participants in term of accommodation, food, activities, climate, places to visit, budget….etc. A tourist generally chooses 2 to 3 weeks of holiday, which is too short to show the richness of this beautiful country, mainly mountainous, where we drive at the average speed of 40km/hr. Generally, you read a travel guide telling you that in 2 weeks you have to go the 4 corners of the country because those are the must-see. Internal flights with luggage are not cheap despite the presence of low-cost companies. Buses are comfortable, but time consuming…and you still have to take taxis or other buses to finally get to the required destination. Our philosophy is to avoid long distances and travel logically and efficiently, which means stops are in a logical and practical order, to avoid going back and forth, to replace this waste of time and money by activities on the spot (walks, rafting, kayak, tubing, canyoning, mountain bike, horse-riding, paragliding, via ferrata, canopy, caving, climbing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, coffee farms visits, cocoa farms visits, flowers farms visits, sugar cane farms visits, grapes farms visits, cultural village visits, cooking classes, dance classes, local crafts, spiritual activities…). This will make your trip more pleasurable, and stabilize or minimize the price (depending on the cost of the chosen activities). It implies to travel light as we will be on the go all the time, with 1 or 2 stops back at the house in Girardota, so we do not have to carry a full piece of luggage with us all the time.

Our target is wide: from an international group with little time and money, to a well-off family who wants to treat themselves, or even the middle-class Colombian couple wanting to explore its country, we will happily take care of all your needs.

Travel Agency in Colombia
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