Salento and Cocora Valley

Magnificent and colourful small colonial village, Salento (1900m) marks the beginning of the Cocora Valley and its famous wax plamtrees (where live the loro orejiamarillo parrots), it is an entry to the park of Los Nevados. It is the starting and return point for numerous trekking activities across the PNN Los Nevados.

In the last 5 years, Salento became touristier, and is now one of the most visited spot in the country. You can also go horse-riding or go walking for the day at the Acaime reserve and sight the numerous species of hummingbirds. One thing to do is to spend the night in the small natural reserve of KasaGuadua.

The Cocora Valley, as well as the regional natural park of Ucumari, is the starting point for several days of trekking climbing up to Laguna del Otun.

Altitude from 1900m to 2500m

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