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This page is to give you an idea of prices. As we don’t offer any “standard” or “type” of trip, and each adventure is created to fit the wishes of each group, most of us think “custom-made guided trip = expensive”, so we don’t even bother to enquire… That’s why, as an example, we will detail the trip we organized for a couple, for 15 days and 14 nights through Antioquia and Choco Caribeno (2 weeks being a bit short to visit the 3 areas) according to the answer they gave in the questionnaire: they wanted hiking and water sports (snorkelling, diving,, tubing, canyoning, and rafting), but also big canopy, and high or middle standard accommodation, with a pool as often as possible.

We’ve also made that same quote, but for 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 persons, to show you the more you are, the cheaper it gets per person.

Further down, you will find the Excel doc that is a summary of the trip (to see more pictures or know more, you can go to “our destinations” section. If you want to know more about our accommodations (that belong to us) “Finca Los Mangos Girardota” and “Treegana Hostal”, you can go to “what we offer’ and then “our accommodations” section. For all other accommodations, I invite you to look up their name on the internet and visit their websites.

All included in this trip: transport, accommodation, food, activities, insurance.. we get to these prices (change rate 1 euro = 3400 pesos colombianos), all taxes included (TVA doesn’t apply to foreigners in Colombia) (unfortunately for Colombians, we have to add another 20% to the price):

For 2 people: 1676 euros per person

For 3 people: 1372 euros per person

For 4 people: 1215 euros per person

For 5 people: 1120 euros per person

For 6 people: 1061 euros per person

For 7 people: 1016 euros per person

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