The Caribean Choco Region


The Choco Caribbean region is still very much undeveloped, just starting to open up to tourism in the past few years. It is isolated from the rest of the country as we can only access it by boat or small plane. Isolation made it a preserved paradise, where to enjoy its turquoise waters above 30 degrees and its luxurious virgin jungle… And how to conceive coming to Colombia, bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean without having the opportunity to go for a swim in those crystalline waters?! Unless you are only mountain lovers and cannot stand heat and humidity, we will most certainly take you in this area, and make you discover our own little paradise in Trigana where we opened up a hostel in 2019. This is our alternative route, trying to avoid the very touristy area of Cartagena, Santa Marta, PNN Tayrona, Minca and Palomino. Cheaper, less people, more authentic and as pretty, it is our asset over the common travel agencies offering you only the classical main cities above if you want to go by the sea. The only thing we will be missing out on is the important colonial historical centre of Cartagena, the biggest and most beautiful of Colombia. Instead, we will take you to the pretty colonial city of Santa Fe de Antioquia, previous capital of the department of Antioquia before Medellin. Small area with less tourists, you won’t feel like a sheep following other tourists, constantly harassed by countless street sellers like it is in Cartagena.

Regarding the weather in this area, there are 2 seasons that we will describe to you so you can make your choice knowingly:

– From December to April it is “summer, as all along the Colombian littoral, it rarely rains. The closest we get to the end, the more water related problems we will encounter, especially in touristy areas like Carpurgana, rationed, rivers get dry, the jungle is less luxuriant, tree leaves dry out, and we struggle to fill in our natural pools at our hostel because there is barely no water going down the river (I point out that the water overflows back to the river, we only diverted some). Going for walks in the jungle is much easier because there it is less muddy. Remember that the sea and ocean will be more agitated, so boat trips can be quite impressive (in that case, get to the back of the boat, you might get a bit wet, but it will be better for your back), and the waters might not be as clear if you plan to go snorkelling. Again, it depends on days, as there are calm days with clear waters.
– From May to November it is “winter”, as all along the Colombian littoral as well, we experience heavy rains and downpours often at night; during the day it is mostly stormy. But you can happen to have a full sunny week of sun, everything is possible! The jungle is luxuriant, rivers are full, but walks in the jungle are very muddy. Regarding boats, it is way more pleasant as the waters are calm, indeed warm rain water settle the sea. It can occasionally get agitated. And the visibility is usually very good for snorkelling.

Small necessary note regarding safety in that area…as it appears as a red spot where not to go in all the maps of foreign ministries. It is undeniable, and we are not here to lie to you or hide he truth, there are and will always be some narcotraffic in the area, as in many others in Colombia, as unfortunately it remains the biggest producer of cocaine in the world, and one of the biggest producer of cannabis. It is indeed the drug road to the USA, their biggest client. But it happens inland, away from the coast, and the organizations managing them try to keep a low profile to avoid getting the attention of the police or the army. Moreover, they have no interest in killing or kidnapping tourists, their business makes them plenty enough money. So be reassured, if we bought there and take you there, it is because today in 2019 the risk is very small, to us it is way less risky that walking in the streets of a big city like Bogota, Cartagena or Medellin, where tourists are an easy target for the local robbers. It is all said, trust us, you won’t be disappointed it is a promise; our reputation is at stake!

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