Santa Rosa de Cabal thermal baths

If you decide to go trekking for several days in Los Nevados park, it is highly probable we will pass by therms in the mountain…often very basic, deserted, only accessible on foot in high mountain….but to get there you will have to walk to deserve it!

Santa Rosa de Cabal therms are a bit different. Accessible by car, it is a magnificent place surrounded by nature and waterfalls around. To us it is a place that is worth going to, but it has 2 faces… We can visit during the day, it is not too crowded and you can enjoy the landscape at its best; or by night to rest from a full-on day during the week. But if it is during the weekend or holiday season for Colombians, you can directly party there as locals enjoy the location. It closes around midnight, and it is allowed to drink alcohol, listen to music or even dance inside. Up to you!

Altitude 2000m

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