San Rafael and San Carlos

From Guatape, we go downhill for 30min to reach San Rafael, and 45min more on flat grounds to get to San Carlos. Back in 2012, those villages where still in the hands of the guerrilla, fighting with paramilitaries and the national army. A monument in memory of this painful past was erected in the middle of the main park. In this area, we don’t really come for the villages but for the WATER. Indeed, the area abounds in crystal clear rivers and waterfalls in a preserved jungle, playgrounds to oustitis and toucans. The change in altitude since Guatape is striking, in term of temperature and vegetation. Also it is the perfect playground for canyoning and tubing lovers (going down rivers on trucks’ air chambers in neoprene suits, safety vest and helmet). Back in France, we used to go canyoning (Alpes, Corsica, Jura…), but the “Chispero” de San Carlos is one of the best we have ever done: variety of abseiling, jumps, natural slides…all make it a great day! We didn’t know about tubing before we got to Columbia, but it is such a funny and cheap activity….you can tube to your level, either on flat and calm waters, or rapids in white waters, or in between. You can go kayaking, but you will have to use companies based in Medellin, not on the spot; it is quite expensive, and they require you not to be a beginner. We rather deal with small local companies, doing with what they have and without putting safety aside. For those not fond of these activities, we can come in this area just to go for a walk in the jungle, have a look at the wildlife, go for a swim in one of the countless crystal clear natural pools, or just to relax in one of the ecolodge found everywhere in the last few years. There is also one of the biggest yoga temples in Columbia, where you can go to practice or just to stay in; it is located in a beautiful setting by a river. A very nice walk can take you to the top of the Piedra del Tabor (altitude 1850m); the starting point is at 1000m of altitude, so it is quite a climb, but the view is well worth the effort; it is about 4hrs return from San Carlos.

Altitude 950m

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